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    Water Swelling Rubber

    Hydrophilic rubber sealing strip which swells in the presence of water

    Proper Application

    Water-Stop Material, Sealing Material

    (Water stop packing for concrete product, Sealing for concrete joint)

    Various extruded shapes Equivalent to UL-94 HB



    AQUA HIGH-SPO shall have a flammability rating of HB in accordance with UL 94.

    Particularly suitable for building material and railroad vehicle parts.

    Ozone Resistance

    Being superior in ozone resistance, it can be used for various indoor and outdoor applications.

    Swelling Property

    AQUA HIGH-SPO is able to achieve sealing ability for a long period.

    Swelling property is hardly affected by the liquid immersion.

    Eeven a wide clearance gap can be sealed.

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    Water Swelling Rubber

    AQUAQUELL has been adopted for sealing materials of piers foundation.

    Water swelling rubber is installed underneath the precast block. It prevents invasion of rainwater into the inside of pier foundation.

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    Water Swelling Rubber

    Introduction of OJI Water Swelling Rubber

    OJI's water swelling rubber have great achievements in all over the world. It's necessary material for basement construction.

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