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    Adopted for the Channel Tunnel

    Adopted by Eurotunnel, which is the longest under sea tunnel in the world

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    The Channel Tunnel

    The Channel Tunnel is undersea rail tunnel between the UK and France. The distance of undersea area amounts more than 50km.

    The construction of the Channel Tunnel was executed with shield tunnelling method. OJI's "AQUAQUELL SEALER" is adopted to fill off-set and gaps between each segment.

    The Channel Tunnel Segment

    Reliable Performance Which Passed Severe Test

    • No protrusion from gaps of segments
    • Offset: Max. 6mm
    • Water pressure: 6kg/cm2

    Though it has needed to meet severe requirements which are able to clear the above conditions, "AQUAQUELL SEALER 8V" passed the test on its first try and adopted for the Channel Tunnel.

    Process of Shield Tunnelling Method

    In general shielded tunnels are constructed by operating a tunnel boring machine (shield machine) in this method. side walls of tunnels. Walls of tunnels are composed of curved concrete blocks which is called "segment". These blocks are jointed into cylinder shape.

    Structure of Tunnel Segment

    Water swelling rubber fills up gaps and off-set between segments and prevents water from leaking into the inside of the tunnel. It provide a superior watertight performance for underground construction by expanding with absorption of leaking water.

    Water Swelling Rubber

    Water Swelling Rubber

    Swell several-fold volume upon contact with water.

    Necessary for shield tunnelling, basement concrete construction.

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