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    Rubber Mat

    Rubber mat with good resistance to weather and wear

    Proper Application

    Walking Path of Golf Course, Turf Protection of School Ground Greening, Pool Side, Passage

    Turf Protection of Ground Greening
    After application 1 month later


    Special Structure

    It revives the desolate ground naturally.

    Feel Comfortable

    Comfortable to walk because of its soft touch of rubber elasticity.

    Excellent in sound absorption.

    It prevents slipping and has good drainage.

    Excellent Durability

    Made from high-quality synthetic rubber.

    No deterioration phenomenon even if used under extremely cold and hot environment.

    Standard Specification

    Material High-Quality Synthetic Rubber
    Size 15 x 1000 x 1000(mm)
    Weight 9kg
    Color Black
    Surface (Green) Back (Green)

    Optional Item

    Connection U-Pin: Easy to connect of KRC MAT.

    U-Pin U-Pin

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    Rubber Mat

    A look at how effectively KRC MAT works!

    KRC MAT protects turf very well at the place with much being trod on.

    Very suitable for turf protection of school ground greening.

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    Rubber Mat

    Recommendation of Turf-Protection Mat for ground greening

    Many schools transform asphalt and soil into lush.

    KRC MAT protects turf from being trod on and weared out.

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    Wide application such as drainboard, footboard and turf protection.

    Excellent durability and elasticity.

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