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    Parking Buffer (Plastic)

    D-typed bumper ideal for trucks and ships

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    Proper Application

    Track Terminal, Parking, Warehouse, Track Rear Bumper

    It absorbs shock softly when backing into parking spaces or in case of collision.



    Shock Absorbing Ability

    It keeps the same shape even if compression load is repeated.

    Excellent weather resistance and performance at outdoor application.

    Light Weight and Good Installation Workability

    Much lighter than "CAR STOPPER" which is made from rubber. Max. 1/2 weight of "CAR STOPPER" (1.2kg~/1m)

    Easy to install. New structure enables wide application.


    We adopt recyclable new material "Thermo Plastic Elastomer" which does not include harmful substances.

    Standard Specification

    See CAD Drawing Data of Product
    Material Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)
    Color (Make to stock) Black (Yellow Line)Black
    Color (Make to order) Gray (Yellow Line)White (Blue Line)

    No bolt hole type are available. We offer hole processing in requested pitch.

    Non-standard length are available. We offer cut processing in requested length. Charge cut costs separately.








    Standard Length


    Upper Hole


    Bottom Hole




    NS-055D 50 50 9 3000 25 7-10x18 1.2
    NS-077D 70 70 13 3000 30 7-12x20 2.5
    NS-110D 100 100 16 3000 40 7-20x34 4.4
    NS-135D 150 135 18 3000 40 7-20x34 7.2

    Bolt Hole Pitch: 150-450Px6-150

    Black (Yellow Line) Gray (Yellow Line) White (Blue Line) Black

    Optional Item

    Two types of hole cap are available; Standard type and light-storing type (luminescence in the darkness).

    "LUMI CAP" will make parking in darkness easier.

    Hole Cap (Yellow) Hole Cap (Black) Light-Storing Hole Cap (Lightness) Light-Storing Hole Cap (Darkness)
    Hole Cap (Standard) Light-Storing Hole Cap (LUMI CAP)
    LUMI CAP (Lightness) LUMI CAP (Darkness)
    Parking Buffer

    Parking Buffer (Rubber Material)

    D-shaped shock absorber made from rubber. Applicable for track terminal, parking lot and fender of small-sized ship.

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