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    Sulfuric Acid Delivery Hose

    Chemical hose for delivery of dense sulfuric acid

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    Proper Application

    Delivery of concentrate sulfuric acid

    For delivery

    Color hose applicable


    Chemical Resistance

    Excellent resistance towards 98% concentration of sulfuric acid, and also applicable for other chemicals.

    Corrosion Prevention

    Both hose ends are sealed with the same qualitative rubber as inner to prevent cord reinforcement from corrosion.


    Sulfuric Acid Delivery Hose

    The picture above is very simple.

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    Standard Specification

    Please do not use for permanent pipe of dense sulfuric acid.

    Working Pressure: 0.49MPa, Max. Manufacturable Length: 10m

    N.D. in.









    32 1-1/4 31.8 48 2 1.4
    40 1-1/2 38.1 55 1.6
    50 2 50.8 68 2.0
    65 2-1/2 63.5 84 2.9
    75 3 76.2 96 3.4
    100 4 101.6 126 4 5.5
    Color Hose

    Color Hose

    Special colored rubber covers standard hose. Distinguishable by using different colors for each liquid, and it also makes workplace well-lighted.

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